Distant Shade Inc.

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Distant Shade Inc. provides a variety of services in computer graphics digital content creation field. We excel in:

  • Concept art and illustration (high-quality digital 2d drawings for conceptual stages of a project or any other purpose)
  • 3d modeling (high or low resolution characters, props, and sets for gaming and film)
  • Rigging and technical setup (character skeleat rigging, vehicle setup, particle, hair, and fluid simulations)
  • Animation (2d and 3d animation of characters, camera, vehicles, environment, or any other aspect of a digital scene)
  • Programming (game engine imports/exports, custom tools and solutions for most CG packages, including some of our own proprietary software)

Please contact us to request any further information about our services. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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